Saving emails to Soup Mail

There are several ways to save emails to Soup Mail, and a few context in which you might want to do so (e.g from Outlook vs from your tablet/phone). Each of the methods has the same consequence - they get saved to Soup Mail. This article describes how a user can save emails to Soup Mail.

Outlook add-in (Windows desktop only)

The Soup Mail Outlook add-in is a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook, which provides functionality to save emails interactively (by clicking and selecting the desired folder). It also has an option to automatically prompt you to save to Soup Mail, when you send an email to someone.

Please click link to install the Soup Mail Outlook add-in.

How to save

To save emails to Soup Mail online app from the windows Outlook client:

  1. Select the email(s) to save
  2. Click on the save icon of the Soup Mail add-in from the Outlook ribbon.
    You can also achieve the same purpose by right-clicking on the selected email(s) and then select the Save to Soup Mail option from the list.
  3. Search (click here to see more on how to search for a folder) or select the folder from the Soup Mail add-in form that pops up:
  4. Click the 'Save' button


  • You only get the automatic prompt to save an email if you send an email or drag/move items into your Sent Items folder, and also have the preferences: prompting set to Prompt to save sent items within the account & preference tab of the Soup Mail Outlook add-in settings.
  • You cannot save emails using the Soup Mail Outlook add-in whilst you are offline.

When will I see the emails in Soup Mail online?

This action saves the email within a few moments to Soup Mail. You might need to refresh the Soup Mail app in a case where you don't see the saved email in the folder.

Mailbox Sync

The second way of saving emails to the Soup Mail web app is through mailbox sync. Mailbox sync integrates Soup Mail directly with your email mailbox, by connecting to your server (e.g. Gmail, Office 365, Exchange or any mail provider that supports the IMAP protocol).

Users are required to connect their mailbox before they can save emails to the Soup Mail Outlook app, click on link to get a step by step guide on how to connect your mailbox to Soup Mail.

A system administrator can also setup impersonation sync which automatically connects user's mailbox to Soup Mail.

Using sync

Once your mailbox sync connection is configured, you will see a folder in your mailbox account called Soup Mail | Company name (for example, "Soup Mail | Your Company Name").

From then on, any folder that you favourite in the Soup Mail web app will appear as a subfolder under that Soup Mail | Your Company Name folder. Such a folder will always be named in the form reference number | folder name, for example "A34521 | My project name". We call these folders "Soup Mail sync folders", or simply "sync folders".

How to save

To save emails to Soup Mail a user needs only to move (or copy) email(s) of interest into the desired sync folder.

This move/copy can be done using any method available, for example

  1. Manually move/copy items in your mail client to a sync folder
  2. Using rules in your mailbox that cause emails to be moved/copied to a sync folder

From my device (tablet, phone, netbook, etc.): the principle here is the same as above - use the 'move' functionality in your preferred email app on your device to move emails to Soup Mail Sync Folders. You can do this at any time, even whilst you're offline (e.g on a plane), and the sync process will perform the saves after the next time your device syncs to your mail server.


  • Mailbox sync enables you to save emails to Soup Mail using any mail client on any device
  • Mailbox sync enables you to save emails while offline, by moving/copying emails to sync folders. In this scenario, the emails will be saved to Soup Mail only after you have come back online, and the moves/copies have synced to your mail server.
  • Emails is available in the Soup Mail online app interface folder when sync is processed for the user
  • There are 2 processes that work independent of each other; one saves emails to the Soup Mail online app while other downloads emails from the online app to the sync folder in the email client.

When will I see the emails in Soup Mail online?

Unlike in the case of the Outlook add-in app, saving emails using mailbox sync is not immediate. Mailbox sync is a server-side integration that continuously processes a cyclic queue, which means that emails will be processed when the queue item for the user/folder is reached. Hence the time to save in the case of sync can vary, depending on how soon before your queue item is reached, you have made the move/copy. Depending on the queue and volume of users, this can take up to a couple of hours before the user/folder is processed.


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