How to get log files for Soup mail Outlook Addin


Log files help Soup Mail agents identify and resolve Soup Mail issues that a user might be experiencing.

This article will show a user how to get log files for Soup Mail Outlook Addin.


Follow the steps below to get log files for the Soup Mail Addin: 

  1. From the Outlook ribbon, select the arrow at the bottom right corner of the Soup Mail Outlook Addin.

2. Select the advanced option from the "Soup Mail Outlook add-in settings" form

3. Set the "Logging level" to Debug

4. Tick the "Enable diagnostic mode" check box and then click the "Open log folder" link

Screenshot below provides visual guidance:

5. A new window opens with the log files(s). Select and save the required log file(s) and attach it to your ticket. 

Note: Please contact the Soup Mail team if you're unable to find the log file with the steps above.

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