Soup Mail sync folders

One of the great features of the cloud version of Soup Mail is the ability to sync Soup Mail folders with your email account. This means that you can:
  • Drag-and-drop emails to Soup Mail folders within your mail client - and they will be saved to Soup Mail
  • Directly open saved emails from within your mail client. This feature is great for users who frequently go off-line or who are using a mail client other than Outlook (e.g. Mac users).
This part of Soup Mail applies to all users, regardless of whether they're on Mac or Windows, and is in addition to using the Outlook add-in for Windows users.

Instructions to enable Soup Mail sync folders

Please do the following to connect your mailbox to our sync service:
  1. Browse to and log in
  2. Click Settings, then on the Mailbox tab within the Settings page
  3. Choose "Enabled" from the Mailbox Sync drop-down
  4. Choose your mail server type, e.g. Exchange (which also applies to Office 365 accounts) or IMAP
  5. Enter your email address and the password for your email account (this is your Outlook/mail account username and password, NOT your Soup Mail details)
  6. Click "Connect". This will now connect your mail account to Soup Mail and you will see a folder called "Soup Mail | <Company Name>" in your mail account in Outlook/OWA/your email client. Soup Mail folders that you "favourite" will appear under this folder. You can favourite folders by clicking the Star icon beside a folder name anywhere in Soup Mail.
  7. Note that it may fail the first time, for example if your mail server is configured to use your a domain account rather than your email address as the user name. When it fails, you'll be able to review advanced settings. Common issues are:
    1. [Exchange users] Your email username may need to be your domain account, not your email address: Try entering your domain account name in the username field in the following format: <companydomain>\<username> e.g (MOJOSOUP\david.lockie)
    2. Your mail server host may not be correct - Soup Mail uses auto-discover but it may not get the right details: Check what's in the host field, and make sure it matches what you have in Outlook or your smartphone for your email account.
  8. You can now drag-and-drop emails to your favourited folders under the "Soup Mail | <Company Name>" folder, and they'll be saved to Soup Mail. Note: It could take anywhere from 5mins to 1hr to sync your emails depending on where the background sync process is up to.
  9. You can also make use of inbox rules to automatically save emails to Soup Mail folders, if you wish.

If you get stuck, compare your settings with a colleague who has connected, or drop us an email at and we'll give you a hand.

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