How to install the Soup Mail Outlook add-in

This article describes how to install the Soup Mail Outlook add-in on a Windows computer with Outlook installed. If you encounter any issues/error messages during the installation process, please see the bottom of this article for tips.

  1. Check that you don't already have the add-in installed by reviewing this article
  2. Exit Outlook
  3. Click this link: Install Soup Mail Outlook add-in and follow the prompts to install the Soup Mail Outlook add-in:
    1. This will download the setup.exe file. Click on it to start installation:
    2. Click "Install" to proceed with installation
    3. You will get the confirmation screen below once installation is complete. Click the close button and follow the rest of the process as stated in this article to login to Soup Mail Outlook add-in.
  1. Open Outlook and observe the new Soup Mail toolbar is present.

  2. Launch the add-in's settings dialog by clicking the arrow at bottom-right of the Soup Mail ribbon within Outlook. In the dialog enter your Soup Mail username (email) and password (Soup Mail password may not be the same as your outlook password) and click Login, then click Save.


Please ensure to restart your PC before proceeding with the installation process if you encounter any issues/errors while doing this installation.

Contact our support team if you require help with the installation process

Applies to: Windows/Outlook 2010+

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