About tags in Soup Mail

This article describes tags in Soup Mail, how to create and use them for filtering emails

You can use tags in Soup Mail to apply any number of categorisations to your emails. When searching for emails, you can use tags to filter the emails you're looking for, regardless of the folder that the emails are saved to. This enables you to do cross-project searches for emails with common tags.

How to add tags

Automatically when saving emails: Tags are automatically added to your Soup Mail team when an email is saved that contains a tag (or Category, as they're called in Outlook; or Label, as Gmail calls them). If you're using the Soup Mail Outlook Add-in, you can set tags in the save dialog. Soup Mail will also add any tags that are embedded within saved emails (that's Categories in Outlook/Labels in Gmail).

User can select a tag from the list of tags as shown below when saving emails to a folder in the Soup Mail online app.

Note: If you're unable to find a tag in the list of tags, this is because the system has been configured to show only 40 tags in the list of tags.

Manually to an already-saved email: See the below section "How to manually manage tags on emails". When you manually add a new tag to an email, the tag will be added to your team's tag list. Note that this method will not embed the tag in the physical email - so it won't be a category/label in the email if you download it or sync it to your mailbox.

In either above case, to add a tag you need to have an email to apply the tag to.

How to search for emails using tags

  • Global search - search for required tag from the Soup Mail dashboard in the New Global Search bar as shown below. In this example, the keyword "test" returns tag(s) with "test" in them.
  • From the dashboard Popular Tags list select a tag to filter for emails with selected tag. The tags with the highest frequency across all emails within your team are the most "popular".
  • Using a keyword search (keywords will match tags as well as text within the email). 


  • Using the filters pane in mail view: A user can select one or more tags from the list of tags displayed within the mail view to filter emails to just those of interest. Ticking checkbox next to a tag will display all emails saved with that tag. This way, you can refine your filter with more than one tag.

The figure above shows a list of 48 Emails before any tag is selected.

On checking the test tag, the list of emails is filtered to just one email as shown below:


How to manually manage tags on emails

To manually manage tags on emails, first find the email you want to work with, using the mail view in the Soup Mail web app. In the mail preview pane for your selected email, click the pencil icon to switch the tags display to edit mode. Here, edit the comma-separated list of tags. You can clear all tags from the email, add new tags, or edit existing tags. 

Note that after a tag is added to the team, removing from an individual email will not remove it from the team.

How to remove tags from your team

If you want to remove a tag from your Soup Mail team, such that it will no longer show in the tags list in Soup Mail, please contact support@soupmail.com with the details of the tag(s) you want removed.


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