How can I move emails between folders in Soup Mail?

I have only a few emails to move

If you have a handful of emails to move, the fastest way to do this is to download the emails from the source folder, import them into your email client, and re-save them to the target folder. Follow these steps:

  • Find each email in Soup Mail, and use the download link to download the .eml file to your local computer. Usually this will save them to your Downloads folder.
  • Use your email client (e.g. Outlook) to open the emails. You may need to use the "Move" ribbon option to choose a location to import the email to. Once you do this, note that it will be placed in the target folder in your email client and will retain its sent date, so you may need to find it alongside other emails in logical date order.
  • Now, because it's like any other email in your mailbox, you can save it to Soup Mail in either of the normal ways:
    • Drag-and-drop it into a sync folder
    • Use the Outlook add-in to save it
  • Finally, delete the email from the source folder in Soup Mail.

I have lots of emails to move, or want to merge entire folders together

The above process doesn't scale beyond a few occasional moves. If you have lots of emails that need to be moved, or want to merge entire folders together, please get in touch with us at and include details of:

  • The source folder reference
  • The target folder reference
  • The specific emails that you want to move


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