Outlook Addin is not showing more than 500 folders or missing favourites or recents

The number of folders that the Soup Mail Outlook Addin loads at any one time is restricted to 500 to provide an optimized load time experience.  If you have thousands of folders and you routinely want to save to a folder that is old (i.e. >500) or an old folder is your favourite then it might not appear in the list, however you can still search for it.

If you want, you can increase the default number of items loaded to help ensure the folders you want are always visible without having to search.  Follow these instructions to increase the default value:

  1. Exit Outlook
  2. Locate the file "C:\Program Files\Mojo Soup\Soup Mail Outlook Addin\Soup Mail Outlook Addin.dll.config" (this file contains the application settings for the Outlook Addin). 
  3. Make a copy of this file in the same location (you can call it “Soup Mail Outlook Addin.dll.config.old” – this is so that we can revert back to the original file if we make a mistake). 
  4. Open “Soup Mail Outlook Addin.dll.config” in Notepad and find the parameter in this file called "FolderSearchTopN". This will be near the bottom. This setting restricts the number of folders that will appear in the Save Mail dialog. Change the value to say 5000, and the this part of the file will look like this after the change:
    <setting name="FolderSearchTopN" serializeAs="String"> 
  5. Save the file. 
  6. Launch Outlook, and confirm that you now see more folders in the form.
Please note:  The more folders you load, the slower the form will load, so there is a tradeoff between the number of folders loaded and the time it takes to load the form.
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