Saving lots of emails at once?

If you're saving lots of emails at once, here are some tips that will make life easier...

1. You can select multiple emails in Outlook (use Shift+click to select multiple adjacent emails, and Ctrl+click to select multiple non-adjacent emails), and save them all at once by then clicking "Save to Soup...".  There might be a limit on the number of emails you can save at one time - if you're trying to save 500 emails and it won't work, try chunks of 250 or 200 etc. until you find the sweet spot.

2. Sometimes when you're doing this, Soup Mail will prompt you if the email has already been saved, meaning you need to keep clicking Ok to get it to keep going. If this is happening and is annoying you, you can use bulk mode (see below).

Bulk Mode

  • Bulk mode turns off the interactive prompts, and just goes ahead as if you've clicked Ok for each prompt.
  • To toggle bulk mode on and off: at the Save to Soup dialog, press Ctrl+Alt+B.
  • Bulk mode applies to a single Save to Soup event, so you need to turn it on each time you want to use it.
  • In bulk mode, if any prompts have been suppressed, there will be one message displayed after all emails have been processed, which will tell you where to view a log file that shows what the prompts would have been. You can check this if you need to find out why a particular email hasn't been saved.

If you're saving emails from the file system when starting up with Soup, check out this tip too...

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