Folder creation not working?

If you are having problems with folder creation, here are some things to check...

1. Confirm that there is a project folder template present on the file system.
This is the "shell" containing the folders and files that get copied to the project root folder (e.g. P:\Projects) each time a project gets created.

2. Confirm that the project folder template path is correct in the project types dialog.
In Soup Mail, select Tools > Options... then click on the Types... button. Confirm that each applicable project type row has the correct path in the "Folder Structure Template" field.

3. Confirm that the correct project type is being selected when creating a new project in Soup Mail.
When you create a new project, confirm that the correct project type is selected in the "Type" drop-down. This will tell Soup Mail which template to use when creating the folders.

4. Confirm that you are accepting the prompt to create folders on the file system when creating a new project in Soup Mail.

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