Importing old emails already saved on the file system

When getting started with Soup Mail, it is often useful to migrate emails already saved on the file system into Soup Mail.  The best way to import old emails is as follows:
1. Create a new folder in Outlook (eg. Emails to Import)
2. Drag the old emails from the file system into this new folder in Outlook
3. Select the emails and click the Save to Soup button in Outlook

This will transfer all the emails into Soup Mail with the correct file path and attributes.
You can then go ahead and delete the emails from the old file system location.

FYI.  You can typically save about 200 emails at a time with Soup Mail!

Happy Souping :)

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    Euan Kennedy

    If you found this tip helpful, it's likely you'll find this one about saving lots of emails at once helpful too...

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    Euan Kennedy

    If you have LOTS of emails that you want to migrate into Soup Mail, you can contact us at Mojo Soup and we can discuss our bulk migration service.

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