Outlook toolbar / add-in not working or missing?

Try the following:

  1. If using Outlook 2013/2010, Go to File --> Options; if using Outlook 2007 goto Tools --> Trust Center
  2. Click Add-ins tab
  3. Click Go (beside Manage COM Add-ins at the bottom of the screen)
  4. Scroll to find Soup Mail Outlook Add-in
  5. If it is un-checked, check it on and click OK
  6. If it is already checked, check it off, click OK and then repeat the above steps to check it on again.


NOTE:  If you connect a mobile device (phone, iphone, PDA etc) to your computer, always try to open Outlook first and then plug in your mobile device.  If you plug in your mobile device before Outlook opens, it sometimes causes Outlook to be opened in the background and not load add-ins correctly.

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    David Lockie

    The Outlook Add-in could also have been disabled.  If this is the case, you will need to Enable the Add-in first.

    For Outlook 2013/2010

    1. Goto File -> Options
    2. Click Add-ins tab
    3. Select "Disabled items" in the drop-down beside Manage: COM Add-ins
    4. Click Go
    5. Select Soup Mail Outlook Add-in and click Enable


    For Outlook 2003

    1. Goto Help --> About
    2. Click Disabled items
    3. If Soup Mail is in the list, select and click "Enable"
    4. Click OK


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